Water Corp: Ellenbrook 80ML Supply Tank

This project involved the design and construction of a main water supply tank for the suburb of Ellenbrook. Built to a 100-year lifespan, the works entailed in-situ concrete construction of the following elements:

– Post-tensioned ring beam foundation
– 12m high in-situ stitch wall panel infills to precast elements
– Internal concrete plinths and columns
– Perimeter infill
– Load-in apron
– Overflow sump basin
– Sodium hydro-dosing pit

The 80 million litre capacity water storage tank supports projected growth in Ellenbrook and the growing northeast metropolitan corridor. The tank is located on Corporation land north of Gnangara Road, near the Hanson sand quarry. The new tank will ensure Ellenbrook’s water supply is not interrupted in the unlikely event of a leak or burst on the water main. It will also ensure consistent water pressure in the area.